A Fine Cattle Shed

What remains of an old tower house in Ardmayle, County Tipperary. Some four storeys high and likely dating from the 15th century, it is one of two ‘castles’ close to each other, the other being a later fortified manor, also now in ruins. Around 1225 the lands here were acquired by Richard Mór de Burgh, 1st Lord of Connaught (c. 1194 – 1242), Justicar of Ireland, following his marriage to Egidia de Lacy, daughter of Walter de Lacy, and Margaret de Braose. Later they passed into the ownership of the Butlers and finally the Cootes before it appears the place was abandoned. Today is home only to cattle who can take shelter from the elements under a fine vaulted roof.

3 comments on “A Fine Cattle Shed

  1. Vincent Delany says:

    Instead of a Fogra, it would be lovely to have theabove text on a sign close to the building. It wouldn’t cost much but it would raise awareness of the significance of the structure.

  2. Joseph Woods says:

    I cycled to this tower house during the pandemic in Spring of 2020 & managed to climb up the passageway & get onto the roof, much to the consternation of my nine year old daughter who was minding our bikes. I can send pics if you care to see – there is an almost Moorish window at the top framing the landscape, joe

  3. Stephen Barker says:

    Lucky cattle.

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