Farmed Out

Now in the middle of a busy farmyard but presumably once standing on its own, this is Clara Castle, a five-storey late 15th/early 16th century tower house in County Kilkenny. It was originally constructed for the Shortall family but in the second half of the 17th century passed into the possession of the Byrnes, successive generations occupying the building until 1905. Alas, the building does not seem to be open to visitors at present, as seemingly it has well-preserved interiors on the upper floors, including original oak beams and floorboards, no doubt due to the fact that it remained a residence into the last century.

One comment on “Farmed Out

  1. Kieran White says:

    The Murphy family nearby normally hold the key to the castle so one can have a self guided tour.
    Clara castle is so correct that a visit is advisable for anyone restoring a tower house.

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