A terrace of seven cottages, built for workers on the Ballymascanlan estate, County Louth. buildingsofireland.com proposes a date of c.1820 for these, at a time when the property was owned, but perhaps not occupied, by Sir Frederick Foster. The main house, originally a late 18th century classical block, was given an extensive overhaul by an unknown architect in the 1840s, transforming it into a Tudor-Gothic mansion, so it may be that the cottages – with their towering diagonal brick chimneys and mullioned windows – were constructed at the same time. The whole terrace now stands sadly empty and falling into dereliction, its location on the edge of a busy road not helping to make the location attractive for prospective occupants.

8 comments on “Abandoned

  1. Michael Thompson says:

    Is there any record of them having been Almshouses and Warden’s House?

  2. sylvia wright says:

    I have a small portrait of Frederick John Foster, d 1888 here. He is a cousin of mine.

  3. sylvia wright says:

    I have a small portrait of Frederick John Foster d 1888 here. He was a cousin of mine.

  4. Rhoda Mac Manus says:

    They look slightly similar to the curved row of cottages in Raheny

  5. Tim Guilbride says:

    If we could get the road shifted, they’d make great sheltered housing. In the absence of a bypass, a creative developer might see them as a themed motel. Yet another practical, multi-use structure condemned to destruction by the combustion engine.

  6. Emma Richey says:

    What a shame

  7. Stephen Barker says:

    Their location is certainly not helping. The windows are very good, better than I would expect for labourer’s cottages. Is the central cottage larger internally if so could it be for a foreman? It does give distinction to the row as a whole.

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