Recently offered for sale, this is Newcastle, County Westmeath, an early 19th century gentleman’s residence that, from the front looks like a relatively modest house, essentially just a couple of rooms on the ground floor and basement. Step around to the rear of the building, however, and one realises how deceptive this initial impression can be. In fact, Newcastle is a lot more substantial than first seemed to be the case, with the projecting staircase bow an especially charming feature.

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  1. Emma Richey says:

    Would be nice to put a proper front door and fanlight in.

  2. Deborah T. Sena says:

    Amazing you have chosen this property to post. You might also want to review the Buildings of Ireland listing for this building:15400301. Of interest is their comment, “A very attractive, if modestly-scaled, early nineteenth-century gentleman’s residence, which retains its early character and form. The flight of cut stone steps over a high raised basement is quite an unusual arrangement to find in a rural location and is much more commonly found in tight urban and suburban locations.” I have actually researched this property since I believe my family had an association with it. The builder/owner had a very similar looking town residence in south Dublin. Also note there are extensive outbuildings and a 1500 tower house ruin on the property. If anyone wants the details I can update you. The real estate listing has some nice interior pictures and, unfortunately, like the replacement door, has one of those ‘Art Deco’ (?) fireplaces in the main reception room.

    • Andrew says:

      The property in south dublin….would it be in deansgrange near the cemetery and at one point owned by hempenstalls? Without the circular stair house at back.

      • Deborah T. Sena says:

        Sorry for the delay in replying, i don’t check this site daily. No, I believe it was Sandymount. Also, when I say similar, I mean same style. The Sandymount house is an attached row house.

      • Andrew says:

        Ok thank you. I know a similar (detached) house deceptively small from front but obviously 2 storey at back in deansgrange but without the circular staircase tower.

  3. claudius1889 says:

    Out of curiosity I would like to know the price and its value with regard to similar properties in Ireland. I would not be surprised if it is quite expensive for what it is. My friends from England told me that the prices of properies overthere are ridiculously high.

  4. Deborah T. Sena says:

    The listing said the house was lot 1 at Euros 250,000. The lot 2 farmland was I think 750,000. Just checked on the house and it shows sale agreed.

    • claudius1889 says:

      Thank you Deborah, it is as I suspected. The tendency is to push prices up in a criminal manner. Nowadyas not even middle-class people can afford a pathetic apartment or house, unless they get a mortgage, to do so they need to be very lucky because the banks almost make impossible to get one. These vile policy is particularly evident in Australia where I lived for a decade. £ 250.000 for a house like this in the middle of nowhere is a joke (and a bad one)

      • Matthias Carolan says:

        they probably want one and half million dollars this is the new world order to day sad to say all about money not much else.

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