Here Lieth Intered

For lovers of old funerary monuments: this one now set into the wall of St Mary’s Church in Magheraculmoney, County Fermanagh. The inscription reads as follows:’
Here lieth intered James Johnston late of Banagh Esq.
Who died April 15, 1757 aged 66 Years’
Originally from Scotland, the Johnston family had settled in this part of the country at the start of the 17th century and came to own over 7,000 acres in Fermanagh. 

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  1. teresastokes says:

    I love this old monument. If it’s on an outside wall, it is amazingly un-weathered. I can just about make out the Johnson family motto under the coat of arms. Numquam non paratus – never unprepared. I hope he was prepared to meet his maker!

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