Gone but not Forgotten

After Wednesday’s post, here is a somewhat larger memorial, found at Cregaclare, County Galway. This little Gothic mausoleum commemorates John Charles Robert Bingham, fourth Baron Clanmorris who lived in nearby Cregaclare House (since demolished) and who died in 1876. Dating from 1890 and set within the ruins of a late-mediaeval church, the mausoleum was erected by Lord Clanmorris’s widow, Sarah Selina Persse who was also interred there following her death in 1907. The couple’s remains stayed inside the building until 1947 when removed to a graveyard in nearby Ardrahan. 

3 comments on “Gone but not Forgotten

  1. Brian Ross-Murphy says:

    Great to see, pity about the graffiti on the ceiling but gives another perspective on my links to both the Bingham and Persse families.

  2. Deborah T. Sena says:

    Indicative of the means of this family, lovely done mausoleum. It seems to tie into some of the architectural style of the remaining extensive outbuildings of the demesne pictured on Buildings of Ireland. Appropriate to the garden theme as well, they quote an 1837 source that there were gardens and a hothouse for producing fruit. Too bad no pics of the house, it must have been extensive.

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