Jealous Minds

The most famous folly in Ireland, this is the Jealous Wall at Belvedere, County Westmeath. Some 180 feet long, this theatrical sham ruin was constructed around 1760 by Robert Rochfort, first Earl of Belvedere. Intended to look like the remains of an ancient castle, the three-storey wall incorporates a series of stepped towers, some of which have arched Gothic windows and, at the centre of the ground floor, a three-bay loggia. Seemingly it was built in order to block the view from Belvedere south towards Tudenham Park, a house further along Lough Ennell which had been erected some years before by the earl’s younger brother, George Rochfort. The siblings subsequently quarreled, hence the wall was put up here.

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  1. Claiton says:


  2. Patrick says:

    Could it be that the blocking the view theory is more based on local gossip than reality.

  3. TobyC says:

    So, the brothers relationship was “ruined” . 🤣

  4. says:

    Wonderful folly.

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