How the Mighty have Fallen

South-east and to the rear of Kilkea Castle, County Kildare are the remains of a 13th century church, once associated – as was the main building – with the FitzGeralds, Earls of Kildare (and later Dukes of Leinster). Only the east gable and the remains of a chapel to the north survive, along with fragments of monuments to this once-mighty family. Inserted into a wall, for example, is a carving of a chained and collared animal, which might be a dog or perhaps a monkey which featured on the FitzGerald arms. Aforementioned arms can also be found on another stone. Kilkea Castle is today an hotel.

4 comments on “How the Mighty have Fallen

  1. Vincent Delany says:

    The story of the collapse of the Fitzgeralds is beautifully described in Terry Dooley’s book ‘The decline and fall of the Dukes of Leinster 1872-1948’

  2. TobyC says:

    Looks like a dog with a human head.

  3. Deborah T. Sena says:

    As always, very evocative pictures. Love that picture of the window- simplicity and purity of design. As I keep saying, although your point is somewhat the opposite, a real ‘folly’ is still the best.

  4. “An hotel.” Superb.

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