A Reminder

In the little village of Newmarket, County Kilkenny stands this rather substantial building, of nine bays and one storey with half-attic. Designed in a loosely Tudoresque style with arched limestone ashlar recesses at ground level, the centre of the facade is occupied by a single-bay breakfront featuring a large carriage arch, now blocked, above which a framed plaque is carved with the date 1839. Now seemingly disused, it was presumably constructed an agricultural outbuilding for the Castle Morres estate which lay immediately to the south. While Castle Morres itself is gone (unroofed in the 1930s and demolished in 1978), this survives as a reminder of a now-vanished estate.

4 comments on “A Reminder

  1. Joseph Woods says:

    ‘…a reminder of a now-vanished estate’ could open a novel or a long poem?!

  2. Deborah T. Sena says:

    I believe you have commented before with other examples how the outbuildings often survive the demise/destruction of the great houses. It likely speaks to the practical reality of reuse with not as much political/emotional symbolism of residential buildings.

  3. Stephen Barker says:

    It would appear to be a suitable candidate for conversion into housing if it has no future use as an agricultural or commercial building. As you have posted previously, unused or abandoned buildings in towns and villages are a blight on the wider community creating an air of decay.

  4. Sylvia Wright says:

    It seems to have a TV aerial, so possibly not uninhabited?

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