One Step at a Time


In the centre of Roscrea, County Tipperary stands Damer House, a superb residence built by John Damer at some date not long after 1722 when he purchased the town and surrounding lands. One of the building’s most important features is its carved pine staircase, a wonderful example of early 18th century Irish craftsmanship.

5 comments on “One Step at a Time

  1. Michael Thompson says:

    Lovely; thank you. The pine has a delicious warmth.
    I have just finished your nacreous Luggala.
    It did nothing to smooth the feathers of this restless, silly, Goose.

  2. Thank you: delicious word ‘nacreous’ and insufficiently employed.

  3. columnist says:

    There is an almost hallucinogenic blur about the stairs jutting out from the wall, perhaps suggesting that one should retire to bed sober, or beyond a state of caring.

    • I climbed those stairs many times thirty years ago – and not always, I suspect , in a state of total sobriety. I plan to write more about the building in the coming months and will then explain my connection with it.

  4. mohammd abdalnaser damer says:

    can i get my house back

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