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Having been once to Bellamont (see La Belle au Bois Dormant, January 21st), it is impossible not to return. Here is the upper floor of the house’s main cantilevered staircase. The relative want of ornamentation – only plasterwork curlicues embellishing each sprung arch – forms a striking yet sublime contrast to the elaborate workmanship found on the floor below.

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  1. columnist says:

    That there should be such embellishment on what looks to be a relatively minor floor of the stair is what surprises me.

    • Actually this staircase leads to the first floor which has all the main bedrooms based around a central, top-lit lobby. What is odd about Bellamont is that while the groundfloor spaces are very grand, the stairs and upper floor are relatively plain. I have always speculated whether it was intended to be a temporary pleasure palace rather than a permanent residence at the centre of a working estate.

      • Andrew says:

        ‘pleasure palace’ is the perfect description. I caught a quick glimpse of Bellamont a few months ago on a searing sunny day by myself. The only sounds alive were the wind in the trees, the water licking from the lake and the birds.

        The house itself is a perfectly placed Palladian jewel box. Time stood still! It was one of those wonderful moments you remember.

        Whoever decided on the location: Thomas Coote, Sir Edward Lovett Pearce, or … made a wonderful decision. It is a slice of heaven!

  2. Andrew Fraser says:

    Lovely! Do you have any more pictures? This house always intrigues me!

  3. Andrew says:

    Exactly 1 year on since I posted about the beautiful Bellamont! Do you know any more news about this stunning house? I walked up the drive by myself 9 months ago on a beautiful sunny day. It really is extraordinary!

    • Thank you for getting in touch again. No more news about Bellamont I fear: the situation is as it was a year ago, with the property seemingly in limbo. I will try to discover more in the coming weeks and let you know if there is any news…

  4. richard says:

    The most beautiful room in the world is Bellamonts Reception Hall. May I ask you to post additional photos of this property? Do you have photos that are not online?

    • Thank you for getting in touch. I am in the United States at present, for another week, so do not have access to my full archive of photographs. I will try to remember to look through these after my return, altho’ you might like to send me a reminder, perhaps the week after next…

  5. Patrick Fitzpatrick says:

    A friend of mine purchased Bellamont a few years ago and has been restoring it ever since. It should be about finished.

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