You Go to My Head


The uppermost section of the archway located on the southern wall of a former monastery at Dysert O’Dea, County Clare. The original religious settlement here is said to have been established by Saint Tola in the 8th century. However, the remains seen today mostly date from four centuries later. Among the building’s most notable features is this elaborately carved Romanesque doorway, which is ringed with nineteen human and animal heads, the one serving as keystone being notably narrower than any of its neighbours.

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  1. I could sit here all day (for several days) just soaking in your amazing entries about Ireland and these beautiful, ancient expressions in architecture. When I attended UC Berkeley all those years ago, I took many courses in the Anthropology Department, one of which was entitled, ‘American Material Culture’ and in the class I learned how the exterior of homes (in the very earliest days of the colonies) were a reflection of the culture’s psychological state of being – a simple example: smallish/fewer windows meant a protective, closed-in time of society (not just a warmth/heating factor) along with an entry way with closed off rooms on either side of a longish hallway. When I see your photographs and your detailed blog entries, I just wonder how my professor would have had a field day with all the exposure you offer up to our home computer screens, here in the still wild west. It is such a privilege to read your entries and take in the photographs. I am so pleased you are recognized for your wonderful work as a blog writer and visionary. Thank you! Julie

  2. Red Hen says:

    Lovely detail. Reminds me of Clonfert Church doorway, although the latter is even more elaborate.

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