A Votary


Plasterwork decoration in a recessed niche in the dining room of Bracklyn, County Westmeath. The house was built c.1790 by a branch of the Fetherston-Haugh family on land acquired from the Pakenhams in the same county. It occupies the site of a 15th century castle, some of which may have been incorporated into Bracklyn, which in keeping with the taste of the period has chaste neo-classical interiors throughout, as can also be seen below in this detail of an archway in the staircase hall.


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  1. I have not heard of the Pakenham connection to Bracklyn. The Fetherstonhaughs are said to have gained it by marriage of Thomas Fetherson(haugh) (died abt,1776) to the heiress Mary Nugent.

    • Thank you for your comment. Seemingly the Pakenham lands extended this far in the 18th century but of course this could be incorrect (having written the piece over two years ago, and much more since, you must excuse my failing memory for source of information…)

      • Thank you. Well, on looking further I see that “The Beauties of Ireland: Being Original Delineations” (Vol 2.) does say that the Nuggets sold Bracken to the Pakenhams who sold it to the Fetherstohaughs. And a Robert Pakenham of Bracken is mentioned in “King James’s Irish Army List” by John D’Alton as gaining lands forfeited lands in 1691.

  2. Aha! So even if my memory failed me, my original sources didn’t…

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