Watchful at the Gate


The gate lodge at Ballindoolin, County Kildare. Curiously there does not appear to be any information available on who might have been the architect for this or indeed the main house at the end of the drive. The latter was built around 1822 for the Bor family so presumably the lodge dates from that period since the two buildings display the same neo-classical style (somewhat disturbed here by lattice windows set in the beautifully crisp limestone frames). Note behind the Tuscan columns how the recessed porch has two doors facing each other on the diagonal to left and right. The lodge suggests the hand of Francis Johnston at his most rigorous.

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  1. brianlynch731 says:

    Very interesting find. It should be added to Johnston’s catalogue. Staying in Kildare, Johnston’s predecessor in the Board of Works Vincenzo Valdrè (aka Vincent Waldré) had a cottage ornée called Bella Vista somewhere between Leixlip and Castletown until circa 1812. If that could be found – it doesn’t appear on contemporary maps – it would add an important piece to the story of his life, which I’m writing.
    Brian Lynch
    Thanks for keeping up this perennially delightful site

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