Heaven’s Gate


One of the side gates leading into the grounds of the former Quaker Meeting House in Cahir, County Tipperary. Designed by an unknown architect and built of sandstone, the complex was completed in 1834 at a cost of £838 and three shillings. At the time the area’s resident Quaker population numbered some 80 persons but thereafter went into decline and towards the end of the 19th century meetings attracted just a handful of individuals. The building was first leased to the Presbyterian Church authorities and then sold to them in 1897; it continues to be maintained and used for services by this denomination.


5 comments on “Heaven’s Gate

  1. Andrew Saxton says:

    I understand it has now been bought by the Coptic community. A number of Egyptians live and work in Cahir at Cahir Meats factory.

  2. rowingguy says:

    Fascinating blog and, then, it’s continual evolution as a Coptic centre of worship. A must-do the next Sunday we’re in Cahir.

  3. Andrew Saxton says:

    There are Quaker graves in the area still. If you take the road to Cahir Golf course and turn right where Cahir meats is, you pass the site of the barracks and some old barracks houses on the left, further along there is a fork in the road and there is a cemetary on the right which is mostly Church of Ireland I think, but may have some graves of local Quaker families. There is a Friends’ Burial Ground further up. You pass the golf course and don’t turn right for the factory, but carry on up to Kilcommon Cross. Where the road forks left down a cul-de-sac is a burial ground with the typical very plain graves just bearing names and dates of Quaker families such as the Jellicoes and Fennells.

    David J Butler’s book, South Tipperary, 1570-1841: Religion, Land and Rivalry, covers the subject.

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