Distinguished Remnants

Last Saturday’s post featured the former Church of Ireland place of worship at Burnchurch, County Kilkenny. Immediately adjacent to this are the remains of a large tower house dating from the 15th century. Burnchurch Castle is believed to have been built by a branch of the FitzGerald family and remained in their hands until the mid-17th century when it passed into the possession of the Cromwellian soldier Colonel William Warden. Subsequently owned by the Floods, it remained in use as a residence until the second decade of the 19th century. Rising six storeys, the main building well preserved, although an adjacent great hall has long since disappeared. However, close by is a remnant of the former bawn wall that used to surround the site: a now-free standing castellated turret.


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  1. Michael Thomas says:

    Farmley,theFlood family house was the home of Henry Flood,the politician.When he died it was left to Trinity College.The Flood family contested the will and kept the estate,until I think the 1930’sHe is buried in Burnchurch church

    • Thank you for getting in touch with this additional information. I was aware of Flood’s grave at Burnchurch, but not that the family had resisted their estate passing to Trinity College; I believe even if no longer in the hands of the Floods, I believe the house still stands.

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