Recalling the Family

An avenue leading from Castle Saunderson, County Cavan brings the curious to a small church likely dating from the 1830s and designed by George Sudden but either incorporating or replacing an older place of worship on the same site. This was built by and for the Saundersons who owned the estate on which the church still stands, and as if to underline that point above the door inside the west end is a sandstone plaque, believed to date from the 17th century, featuring the family coat of arms. Outside at the east end the ground, in which are set 17th century gave slabs, drops away to provide access to what used to serve as the Saunderson’s vault.

For more on Castle Saunderson, see Scouting Around for a Saviour, December 21st 2015.

3 comments on “Recalling the Family

  1. Noel McMullan says:

    We have visited Castle Saunderson many times and indeed it is a sad site. However we would love to visit the Church which is always locked up when we are there. Does someone locally have a key? Presumably you have also been denied access as no photies

    • Thank you for getting in touch. Actually I did gain access to the church (as I recall, someone on site happened to have a key and opened the building). It is very plain inside, although containing the family coat of arms shown (the Saundersons are buried in a vault beneath the church, as you probably know).

  2. Matt Carolan says:

    I can imagine if it was a catholic church, the powers that be would probably take better care of it

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