The Well Improved Seat

What remains of The Grange, County Limerick. Dating from the second half of the 18th century, it was described by William Wilson in 1786 as ‘the beautiful and well improved seat of Standish O’Grady.’ The property remained with the O’Gradys until that branch of the family died out in 1861 after which it passed to the Crokers, to whom they were related by marriage. But Captain Edward Croker likewise had no heirs and The Grange was inherited by his two sisters. The house was still intact in the 1940s but thereafter began to deteriorate and is now just a shell. The 19th century entrance gates give an idea how this beautiful and well improved seat must once have looked.


4 comments on “The Well Improved Seat

  1. terence eccles says:

    wonderful image – like a Poussin!

  2. John Considine says:

    There’s a great County Limerick saying “I doubt it – says Croker” which is reputed to be a remark passed by Croker on his deathbed, after a life well lived with hunting, shooting, fishing etc. The attending priest said “you’re going to a better place, Edward” Croker replied “I doubt it…”.
    There is a preserved head of a very large salmon in John Qillligan’s antique shop in the Square, Rathkeale with a brass plate confirming that the salmon was caught in the famous Castleconnell fishery by John Croker.

    Fantastic blog, well done.

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