The Most Benevolent Disposition

Against one of the walls surrounding St Canice’s Cathedral, Kilkenny is this memorial to wealthy local banker Connell Loughnan (1733-1812) who is described as being ’eminent for the display of the most benevolent disposition and the practice of every Christian Virtue,’ while his wife Anastasia who died a decade earlier was notable for ’emulating the virtues of her husband, an affectionate wife, a kind parent and a good friend.’


4 comments on “The Most Benevolent Disposition

  1. Peter Davidson says:

    This is fascinating. Do I remember correctly that there are also Latin inscriptions inside the cathedral, some of them in elegant verse? I think they are the work of the Jesuit professors at the short lived College of Kilkenny, which also staged a play with stage machinery and scenery in the 1640s.

    • Dear Peter,
      The inside of St Canice’s, Kilkenny has many fascinating memorials, at least some of them in Latin but I would have to check on my next visit to see whether any have a direct link with the Jesuit college you mention. Unless any other reader in the meantime can advise?

  2. Luke says:

    St Canice’s Cathedral is beautiful. Apologies to Connell Loughnan and perhaps it is just my taste but this memorial’s design just doesn’t do it for me – an oval blob between two pillars. Thanks for sharing…

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