Playing to the Gallery

The extraordinary first-floor gallery at Crom Castle, County Fermanagh. Designed by Edward Blore, the present house dates from the mid-1830s to replace an earlier castle destroyed by fire: ironically sections of this one suffered the same fate soon after completion and had to be reconstructed. The core of the castle is given over to an inner hall that features a bifurcating staircase composed of wood and plaster and in late-Perpendicular style. It rises to the generous gallery screened by a run of arches at either end, the whole lit by an immense octagonal roof lantern.

2 comments on “Playing to the Gallery

  1. Hibernophile says:

    ‘The Irish Aesthete’, it is always a treat
    To review his blogs most recent posting,
    His writing is chaste, all very good taste,
    And never intentionally boasting.

    He visits each county to consider the bounty
    Of structures so often obscure.
    From Medieval Gothic to gardens exotic,
    Though he favours the classically pure.

    From grand country seat to humble side street
    Each edifice noted with pleasure:
    The Gate House, the Dower House, the Glebe House, a Farmhouse,
    And survey the Church for good measure!

    He traverses this Isle in considerable style;
    With bow tie he is often replete.
    With good ‘Lords and Ladles’ and at other high tables
    He dines on six courses of meat!

    His lectures refined, anecdotally primed,
    His posture so tidy and neat.
    For much information compiled on this nation
    I hail thee- ‘The Irish Aesthete’.

  2. The Prof says:

    Robert, re witty verse above, how fortunate you are to enjoy the musings of your very own Irish Bard.

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