A Ruined House

‘Those who lived here are gone
Or dead or desolate with grief;

Of all their life here
Nothing remains
Except their trampled, dirty clothes

Among the dusty bricks,
Their marriage bed, dusty and bent,
Thrown down aside as useless;
And a broken toy left by their child…’

A Ruined House by Richard Aldington
Photographs of Lakeview House, County Cork.


5 comments on “A Ruined House

  1. Julian Humphreys says:

    Ruined but not beyond saving. I was in this house last year and it is a gem. Unfortunately the property was sold for development in 2005 and nothing has happened…

  2. Matt Carolan says:

    The irish should have done what the French did, throw the undertakers out and the State acquired ownership .instead the Irish burned most of the houses down when the owners were still living there how sad

  3. Tom Crane says:

    What a lovely home…….

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