Nature Stakes Her Claim

An abandoned farmhouse in County Westmeath. Normally it is the smaller, less-well constructed buildings which are forsaken, but this one was sturdily built and so its neglected condition is somewhat surprising. The interior still contains much of its furnishings, although now in some disarray. Soon the roof will give way and then the walls tumble, allowing Nature to stake her claim to the site.

3 comments on “Nature Stakes Her Claim

  1. A pity and sometimes a sign of a throwaway mentality. Very often in these situations there is a new bungalow nearby.

  2. Emma Williams says:

    still charming despite the decay

  3. Fergal says:

    Much has been written about the decline of the ‘Big House’ in Ireland, but another interesting area of study would be the current decline of the traditional Irish ‘strong farmer’s house, most dating from the early to mid 19th Century. There are usually 2 reasons, 1) As the poster above mentions, a new bungalow gets built, when the next generation no longer want to live in a large cold house which can be extensive to maintain. Or 2), the farmer in residence never marries, the line dies out with him and the farm becomes an ‘outside farm’ for a new owner.

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