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St John’s church in Clonmellon, County Westmeath featured here three years ago (see Community Spirit, March 28th 2016). A couple of pictures above give an idea of its appearance then. At that time the building was in a state of serious disrepair, but plans were already afoot for its restoration, thanks to a local initiative.

Since 2016, major work has been undertaken to St John’s and the building has now been fully restored and brought back for a wide variety of community uses. It’s hard to believe that as recently as 2016 it looked beyond salvation, but this is another example of how, with sufficient determination and imagination, none of our architectural heritage need be lost. Congratulations (and thanks) to those responsible.

5 comments on “More Good News

  1. Anne Kearney Farrelly says:

    Thank you for this. Twenty years ago the dearly beloved was very keen to buy this and make it our home. I didn’t fancy all the graves. Though he remnded me that I should be more afraid of the living than the dead!

  2. Vincent Coleman says:

    That refurb looks superb. Really well done to all…this is not an easy thing to do. Wouldn’t it be great to see more of these churches refurbished. Mayo/Sligo is littered with these, some with the timber mezzanine levels just collapsing now.

  3. Larry says:

    I visited it recently and it’s a credit to the community. The churchyard has been landscaped beautifully as well.

  4. Elizabeth Printy says:

    What a joy to see a “resurrection” for St. John’s! No longer in decay but used for the good of the community and to the glory of God!

  5. James Canning says:


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