Scant Remains

Further to Monday’s post on the Eyrecourt staircase, it is worth noting that the house in which this remarkable piece of Irish craftsmanship once stood is no more. The building was effectively abandoned in the 1920s, following the sale of its contents – including the staircase – and gradually fell into ruin. When Maurice Craig visited the site in 1957, at least part of the roof was still in place as was the front doorcase. Since then, however, total decay has followed and today only portions of Eyecourt’s outer walls stand, incorporated into a farm yard. A sad end.

7 comments on “Scant Remains

  1. Patrick says:

    ..or it prospers, and anon, like snow ….

  2. Máirtín says:

    Sorry to miss you last night

  3. Stone cleared and appropriated for local re-use I would suppose?

  4. John Egan says:

    Isn’t the front doorcase in a museum somewhere ?

  5. James Canning says:

    Another very sad loss.

  6. Emma Richey says:

    Very sad. Do hope the staircase comes home soon

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