A Short Life

All that remains of the former Church of Ireland church of St Nathlash in Rockmills, County Cork. Assisted by a grant of £800 from the Board of First Fruits, it was built in 1811 by Colonel Richard Aldworth whose main residence, Newmarket, was elsewhere in the same county but who kept a sporting lodge close to Rockmills, the latter name derived from the flour mills which Colonel Aldworth had also established in the area. Described by Samuel Lewis in 1837 as ‘a small neat structure with a tower and spire’, the church was in use for little more than 65 years. Following the disestablishment of the Church of Ireland in 1869, the parish of Rockmills was united with that of nearby Kildorrery, and in 1889 the greater part of St Nathlash’s was demolished.

3 comments on “A Short Life

  1. Geraldine Boyle says:

    Is it known why the spire of church was left? Curious because there is one the same (partly demolished) at Knockmark-Drumree. Co.Meath.

    • I’m not sure why the spire was left – except perhaps to act as a marker for the attached graveyard (and thereby show there was once a church on the site). It would be interesting to know if anyone else had thoughts on the subject?

  2. Geraldine Boyle says:

    Thanks for reply.

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