Last Rites

In its present incarnation, St Kieran’s, Modreeny, County Tipperary dates from 1828 when erected with assistance from the Board of First Fruits. However, immediately to the west, and beyond the church tower, are the remains of an older, probably medieval church, which is the large, ivy-covered wall seen in the first photograph above (the east end of the 19th century church is shown in the second picture). The building remained in use for services until 1987, when closed although, as so often in Ireland, the surrounding graveyard remains, so to speak, ‘active.’ Unlike elsewhere, St Kieran’s was not dismantled, and many of the old wall memorials remain in situ, but it is gradually falling into desuetude (the broken windows don’t help).

2 comments on “Last Rites

  1. I can’t understand why our heritage is allowed to disintegrate in this way. Surely the OPW has a role to play here or some local residents group – even replacing the windows would be a start!

  2. James Canning says:

    As a great fan of funerary monuments and memorials in ancient churches, I hope some good soul is carefully recording the contents of them.

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