Figure of Eight

2012: Dowth Hall, County Meath (

2013: Hazelwood, County Sligo ( and

2014: Moore Hall, County Mayo (

2015: Kilshannig, County Cork (

This week marks the Irish Aesthete’s eighth anniversary. The first post appeared in September 2012 and soon the format was established, with thrice-weekly texts and photographs that have continued to the present and – Deo volente – will continue into the future. As always, sincerest thanks to everyone who has shown interest in and engagement with this site: your support helps to sustain the work. Ireland is a country rich in architectural heritage (albeit not always in the best state of repair) so there’s lots more to see yet. I look forward to your company over the next 12 months. Meanwhile, stay safe, stay well.

2016: Lambay, County Dublin (

2017: Florence Court, County Fermanagh (

2018: Larchill, County Kildare (

Kilwaughter Castle, County Antrim (

16 comments on “Figure of Eight

  1. Jerry B arnes says:

    Thank you so much for this wonderful blog although I have to say I get SO MAD at times at the neglect of our built heritage. You would think we could get a few of the many new millionaires in Ireland to put out a few bob before many off these treasures are lost forever.

  2. Jane Massy says:

    Well done – it has become part of our lives – very proud of you and your work.

  3. Barbara Morrow says:

    I can’t remember how or when I came across your posts but they are always most interesting, as are the Youtube videos. Looking forward to those still to come. Thank you for the ‘stay safe’ wishes. To you, also.

  4. elmozi says:

    You do great work. Thank you.

  5. Cate Morgan says:

    Sincerest congratulations on such a meaningful achievement; I always look forward to reading the latest post, albeit often with sadness. I wonder how Irish buildings of interest will fare over the next eight years? Cate Morgan

  6. upsew says:

    Thank you for so many wonderful posts – and thoughtful insights

  7. I concur with all the above and those positive comments to follow after mine. Well done, thank you and best wishes to you too.

  8. Congrats on your anniversary. Superb content always delivered with elegance.

  9. Orla Ryan says:

    Thank you for all your insightful and inspiring posts. Well done

  10. Bob says:

    Congratulations Robert on the anniversary. Like many I thoroughly enjoy the blog, informative, erudite, beautifully written and not in the least pedantic. I continue to dip into past postings with equal enjoyment. Thank you.

  11. Susan Burke says:

    Congratulations Velco!!!!

  12. Congratulations, Robert. Your work is a true joy.

  13. Helen J T O'Sullivan says:

    Thank you, from a reader in England, for all your hard work, and all you have offered us. Sadness and frustration at the dereliction and lost opportunities you often show us is balanced by the pleasure of learning about a house or outbuilding I knew nothing of. So often, there is a chance to celebrate Irish or visiting architects, designers and builders. Surely knowledge of the opportunities will eventually reach Irish entrepreneurs. Helen O’Sullivan

  14. Emma Richey says:

    Congratulations on your eighth anniversary and thank you for all your learned and very enjoyable posts. I always have that sense of excitement when I see there is another waiting in my inbox!

  15. R. Hodkinson says:

    Thank you very much for the wonderful information on the built heritage of Ireland.
    You are doing magnificent work , look forward to many more posts.

  16. Michael Boyd says:

    Thank you so much for your marvellous articles every week! They really are the most pleasant little lessons! Thanks again!

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