You Go to My Head

Sopwell Hall, County Tipperary dates from c.1745 but the house was extensively remodelled in the second half of the 1860s and it was at that time that the first-floor landing was given its present appearance. Exceptionally wide, the space is generously lit by a circular glazed dome resting on a sequence of shallow arches. These are supported by what appear to be marble columns. In fact, the latter are only painted and one quirky detail is that the surface pattern of each column features a number of human profiles, said to represent members of the Trench family who were then owners of the property.

3 comments on “You Go to My Head

  1. Alister McReynolds says:

    Very interesting—I knew nothing of this —love the marble details on the pillars.

  2. Emma Richey says:

    What fascinating details

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