Help Urgently Needed I

In a wonderful location looking east across Lough Arrow, Hollybrook, County Sligo dates from the mid-18th century when believed to have been built to replace an earlier castle on the site: the estate then belonged to the ffolliott family around 1659, subsequently passing in and out of their possession on at least one occasion. In the last century it was run for several decades as an hotel (see a fascinating piece of film from 1938 showing it in use for this purpose: (1) Holiday at Hollybrook House, Co Sligo 1938 – YouTube) but in recent decades the house has stood empty and falling into the present state of decline; despite being on the market for several years along with 275 acres, it remains unloved. In urgent need of help if it is to survive, Hollybrook is of three storeys over basement and superficially appears to be a typically symmetrical building of the period. However, an examination of the facade shows that the handsome Doric portico is slightly off-centre: note how it is closer to the window on the left than to that on the right. The rear of the building shows similar idiosyncracies in the fenestration placement. One wonders therefore whether the old castle, probably a tower house, wasn’t demolished but, as happened in other instances, incorporated into a new house. Alas, an examination of the interior would be required to take this investigation further.

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  1. Deborah T. Sena says:

    I suspect one detriment for a private (as opposed to business use) sale is the added cost of the 275 acres. Obviously until tourism recovers, no one likely to take it on as a hotel. I also would love to see the interior and how much of a ‘time capsule’ are the contents and decoration. Are there outbuildings?

  2. Melissa says:

    The off centre centre made me smile. Our poured concrete house built in 1999 features an off-centre front door: the builder just got the measurements wrong…

  3. barbaracorr says:

    That’s such a fabulous film of a 1938 holiday you have attached Robert – endless summer days, probably midges, ancient cars that are difficult to start, an inexperienced rower in an overloaded boat, the jeopardy of a young woman changing on the beach- almost anything could go wrong. I kept expecting to see Monsieur Hulot loping over the lawn – and then a man in a hat appears on the beach……

  4. Stephen says:

    So how can one help? Is it for sale?

  5. Deirdre says:

    The movie is fantastic. Probably a silly question, but why does he sink the sail boat?

  6. Phil says:

    I know the current owner and will be visiting the house and estate next week. He’s actively working to make use of the area, with renovations on the farmhouse nearing completion, plans to replace the commercial non-native forestry with native species etc. etc.

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