Help Urgently Needed II

In a wonderful location looking east across Lough Arrow, Ballindoon, County Sligo was originally called Kingsborough, thereby indicating it was built for a branch of the King family who some lived some 25 miles away at Rockingham, County Roscommon. The latter house was designed by John Nash and Ballindoon has sometimes also been attributed to him, but since it is believed to date from c.1820 perhaps it can only regarded as being in his style: by that date the architect was far too busy with royal commissions in London to have time for an Irish client. Essentially a lake-side villa, Ballindoon is a building of exceptional character, beginning with the immense pedimented Doric portico on the north-facing entrance front, its scale overwhelming the single bays on either side. Similarly the garden front is dominated by an enormous dome-topped bow, with a further series of engaged Doric columns around the ground floor. Unfortunately, like Hollybrook a few miles to the west (see previous entry), Ballindoon has stood empty for some years and is now suffering as a consequence, with what appears to be dry rot appearing on the upper floor: the insertion of uPVC windows throughout the house probably doesn’t help. Ballindoon was offered for sale with 80 acres three years ago, but remains unsold, and accordingly remains at risk.

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  1. Dougal Paver says:

    Ballindoon has an interesting link with the Baden-Powell family: Dorothy Baden-Powell was a director of the limited company that operated the farm at Ballindoon up until her late 90s, retiring from the post in 2014. What a life she lived, too (see here:

    In short, a hugely courageous wartime spy.

    From what I’ve unearthed it also seems that Kingsborough was home at one point to one branch of the Gethin family (the other living at Holywell near Sligo Town).

  2. Thomas Morgan says:

    I would be interested in this property. I just come across it!

  3. Benjamin Davidson says:

    Are you looking for someone willing to accept the house for free? If so, I volunteer.

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