A Massive Undertaking II

Last Monday’s post featured a very brief synopsis of the history of Coollattin, County Wicklow, believed to be the largest house in Ireland. The core of the building, and that first seen by visitors today, was designed in the 1790s for the fourth Earl Fitzwilliam by John Carr of York. In the mid-1870s the sixth earl decided to expand the property by creating a new entrance front as well as adding a new south range along with servants’ wing, stables and carriage houses, hence the place’s considerable size today. He gave this job to another Yorkshire resident, his clerk of works at Wentworth Woodhouse, William Dickie. Whereas the original house is finished with lined render, the extensions are fronted in local granite, so for the most part, at least on the exterior, it is possible to see which parts are by Carr and which by Dickie. 

The most striking addition made by Dickie and his client to the building is a new entrance at what had been the rear of Coollattin. The ground slopes behind the house, so this entrance is at a lower level than its predecessor to the south, and features a great portico with paired Doric columns and a flight of granite steps leading up to the door. Inside is a fine hall with coved ceiling and flagged limestone floor. A smaller inner hall contains a large chimneypiece but to the immediate right is a flight of steps which in due course turns 90 degrees to introduce the main staircase climbing to the ground floor of the original house. Beneath a coffered ceiling and lit by a line of tall arched windows – these matched by a balustraded gallery with similar openings on the facing side of the steps – this staircase has terrific drama, reminiscent of that found in Piedmontese or Sicilian Baroque palaces. It is quite unlike anything else in the entire building, much of the rest of Dickie’s work here being competent but lacking excitement. When eventually restored, this great staircase will provide a most marvelous ceremonial access to this important Irish country house. 

7 comments on “A Massive Undertaking II

  1. Just Stupendous! Many thanks for updating Robert.

  2. Stephen Barker says:

    Wonderful staircase.

  3. jbc625@msn.com says:

    Yes, astonishing.

  4. evoque12 says:

    I am part of the group that have bought the house.
    The plan is to restore the house and make it self sustaining.
    There will be a commercial and tourism business as part of this.
    We are planning to buy back the immediate lands, including the golf course.

  5. matthias carolan says:

    what a beautiful house

  6. matthias carolan says:

    beautiful workmanship like the sistine chapel i am glad its being saved thanks for showing this Robert.

  7. Barbara Corr says:

    Beautiful. I love the drama of the staircase. Thank you for posting.

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