On Rough Ground

What remains of St Anne’s church in Mallow, County Cork. It was built probably in the early 18th century to replace a predecessor which had been much damaged during the Williamite Wars but only lasted around 100 years before being in turn superseded by a newer building erected to the immediate west and designed by the Pain brothers. Now surrounded by decaying tombstones, the church retains a wonderfully slender belltower through which access was gained to the interior, the south side of which is distinguished by five large round-headed windows.


2 comments on “On Rough Ground

  1. Vincent Delany says:

    That vertical crack over the front door is ominous. One thunder storm further eroding the foundations and the whole thing could come down. It needs some steel straps to pull the whole together.

  2. What a waste of a beautiful building.
    Tom Crane

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