Yes, but…

Yes, it is painted a rather lurid yellow (and the cut limestone quoins also given a coat of paint). Yes, uPVC windows have replaced the originals. Yes, the extension to one side is rather unfortunate. But at least it is still standing and occupied. This is the octagonal Errironagh Lodge, County Roscommon, originally standing by one of the entrances to the Rockingham estate. The building may have been designed by John Nash (responsible for the main house) or by Humphrey Repton, to whom other such ancillary buildings at Rockingham are attributed. Regardless of who was the architect, the lodge’s unusual shape distinguishes it from anything else in the vicinity.

6 comments on “Yes, but…


    Yes, but are the doors red enough???

    • Deborah T. Sena says:

      Colorful doors are seen as ‘welcoming’ and pretty much accepted. What about all those posters and tours showing the colorful doors (and fanlights) of Georgian Dublin? But a dark color or even natural wood here would have toned down the overall impact. is anyone in Ireland tired of grey yet?

  2. Vincent Delany says:

    As a listed building- Roscommon County County heritage officers should be able to advise protected structures owners on such alterations.

  3. TobyC says:

    It’s a bit colorful, but it’s loved and cared for, and might even inspire someone else to look at older structures in a different light.

  4. Emma Richey says:

    I love it, even though the renovations are not quite correct but it looks cheerful and cared for.

  5. Catherine says:

    I love the brilliant red doors, and the cheerful yellow exterior. It’s actually quite a muted yellow. I suppose it’s a matter of taste, but do we always have to adhere to dreary, unrelenting ideas of what constitutes good taste? I’d agree with the need to tone things down a bit if this were the main house, but it’s not. It’s a slightly eccentric gate house. And yes, the important thing is that it’s occupied and paid for.

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