A Fine Place to be Buried

If a graveyard could be described as exceptionally fine, then that at Moybologue, County Cavan would qualify. Subcircular in shape and enclosed within a stone wall, the site during the medieval period held a church and some kind of hospice. Little of either remains, but an extant two-storey transept is believed to have served as a priest’s residence. All around these ruins are gravestones going back many centuries, including the tomb shown below which carries a variety of memento mori symbols including an hour glass, a bell, a coffin and a skull and crossbones. Dedicated to members of the Smith family, it dates from the mid-17th century.

3 comments on “A Fine Place to be Buried

  1. carolanmatt says:

    Thanks for posting Old Moybologue here Robert ,i was born a couple hundred yards away from there.

  2. Thanks for posting Old Moybologue cemetery here Robert i was born a couple hundreds yards from there.

  3. Well Robert you’ve just advertised the beauty of my families DNA mound, There are Cooneys buried here back to the 1700’s. I dont have very fond memories of the place as you can appreciate. My days out there were usually to bury a relative amidst a rain storm. But your photos make me appreciate it anew.


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