Not Long for This World

Unlikely to last much longer: a ruined tower house in County Tipperary known as Knigh Castle. The north-west portion of this four-storey building survives best, but much of the other walls has tumbled down, exposing the interior with its barrel-vaulted roof on the first floor. Despite occupying a prominent position on high ground beside a crossroads, little is known of Knigh Castle, and soon it threatens to become no more than a memory.

2 comments on “Not Long for This World

  1. Brian F Ross-Murphy says:

    Pity that some sort of timber scaffolding can’t be used to shore it up, but expect that, as happens to many of these historic features, it will be left to collapse.

  2. Sylvia Wright says:

    Such a shame. Pity it can’t be rescued & restored.

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