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The remains of the 15th century church at Cloughprior, County Tipperary. Its name derives from the fact that in the 12th century the land on which the building stands came into the possession of the Augustinian Priory of St John the Baptist some ten miles south at Tyone, on the outskirts of Nenagh. It subsequently became a parish church but then fell into ruin, although the surrounding graveyard has consistently remained a place of burial. Of note here is a separate, walled section set aside for members of the Waller family who for some 20o years lived close by at Prior Park, a house dating from the 1770s. One of those more recently interred was 26-year old Edward de Warenne Waller, killed in a terrorist bomb attack in Bali in 2002. 

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  1. Vincent Delany says:

    The Waller graveyard is particularly interesting because each grave stone refers to the parentage of the occupant.
    Interestingly, Jim Waller who invented a cheap way of building warehouses in concrete, has a curved gravestone reflecting the shape of those warehouses of which one still exists in Co. Westmeath.

  2. iskeraulin says:

    hello Robert . here is some interesting facts about the waller family

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