Just a Skeleton

The skeleton of the former Roman Catholic chapel in Hugginstown, County Kilkenny. This building was constructed c.1800, in other words almost three decades before Catholic Emancipation, and had an interior that preserved its original decoration, a rare survivor from that period. However, as so often is the case, this was judged to be outdated and forty years ago the church was put out of service, with  a singularly unimpressive replacement erected elsewhere in the village. The interior was subsequently dismantled and the roof removed, so that today only the shell seen here remains. 

2 comments on “Just a Skeleton

  1. Michael Thomas says:

    I remember Jeremy Williams getting so angry about the removal of many church furnishings after the plans to residents the Altar in Roman Catholic Churches.His point being that often they were all part of the original design

  2. Tony Harpur says:

    A depressing loss of part of our heritage.

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