With Good Grace


Lying in the shadow of the Knockmealdown Mountains, Castle Grace, County Tipperary is believed to have been built by the de Bermingham family around the mid-13th century. Its substantial square keep originally had a tower at each corner but only the two seen here remain. Today the ruins serve as a walled garden for an adjacent mid-19th century house, about which more later in the spring.
If Castle Grace looks familiar, this is because it appeared in Stanley Kubrick’s incomparably beautiful 1975 film Barry Lyndon. The relevant scene: after our eponymous anti-hero has fled his home, been robbed at gunpoint and forced by penury to join the army, he camps here and engages in a bare-knuckle fight with one of his fellow soldiers.

Apologies for the poor quality screen grab: with good reason this blog is called The Irish Aesthete and not The Irish Techno-Wizard.

4 comments on “With Good Grace

  1. Michael Thompson says:

    Dear Robert

    Finding, and subscribing to your blog has proved even more rewarding and entertaining than one had first supposed. Having accepted, reluctantly, the need again to forsake Ireland for France your elegant and informed posts bring a bitter-sweet joy to this follower in Burgundy.

    With kindest regards and all good wishes

    Michael Thompson

    4 Place de la Courtille Saint Gengoux le National 71460 FRANCE

  2. Dear Wild Goose,
    I’m happy to know my writings offer some consolation in your exile, and thank you for your kind comments which are very much appreciated, and encourage one to continue.
    Best wishes from a (customarily) dank Ireland…

  3. columnist says:

    Castle Grace seems to be in an appropriately dilapidated state based on the name of the mountains in whose shadow it lies. (Well at least my deliberately misspelt version of the mountains’ name.) Barry Lyndon was indeed a beautiful movie with ground beaking cinematography.

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