An Active Afterlife

Jeremy 1
The west entrance to the 12th century church at Ullard, County Kilkenny, its much-weathered Romanesque doorway featuring the outline of human and animal heads. It was directly facing this entrance that Jeremy Williams was interred last Saturday following a service at nearby Duiske Abbey. Everyone interested in Ireland’s built heritage will have known Jeremy, architect, author and superlative draughtsman, a constant presence at meetings, outings and social gatherings. Always full of enthusiasm, always embarking on a fresh project, always determinedly encouraging others to share his current passion, there were no houses in Ireland where he was not assured of a welcome: and little of the country’s architectural patrimony that he hadn’t nimbly recorded with his pen. His sudden death on Christmas Eve has left a void impossible to fill. Impossible also to imagine Jeremy resting in peace: one imagines that already he is persuading the Almighty to cast an eye over freshly-drafted plans for the refurbishment of Heaven’s Gates.

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5 comments on “An Active Afterlife

  1. Valerie Pakenham says:

    What a wonderful obituary for dear Jeremy; no one could have expressed it better. Do hope there will be a memorial exhibiton of some of his drawings/ architectural designs, paintings somewhere. Who should arrange, do you think?

  2. Jim White says:

    Thank you, Robert, for this heartfelt tribute to Jeremy. His wide scholarship, always imparted so readily – and usually with some telling personal reminiscences – will remain in our memories. His marvellous enthusiasms as a raconteur – sometimes deliciously mischievous (remember his doubled-up laughter!) enlivened so many excursions!

  3. Caroline Blunden says:

    I don’t know if a drawing will work here… but will try to paste a detail of Jeremy’s drawing of the end gates at Castle Blunden, with his caption “Sing Ye Angelic Shamrocks” – Hoban me fecit”. We will miss you enormously Jeremy…. and were very sorry not to have been at Ullard. Thank you for the beautiful photograph of the entrance to the Church.

    • Dear Caroline,
      I don’t think the drawing has worked – but perhaps you can send it to me and then I could post it. In case any of you are able to bbe present, there is to be a memorial gathering for Jeremy at the Architectural Archive in Dublin on Wednesday 2nd March at 6pm…

      • Caroline Blunden says:

        Thank you so much. I was in the UK in March, and have only just caught up with your message. I will send you a copy of Jeremy’s drawing in due course… with thanks

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