No Admission

A blocked doorcase in the former farmyard at Grangemore, County Westmeath. The main house here, now also a ruin, was built in the opening years of the 19th century by a member of the Fetherston family: it later passed by marriage to the Briscoes. During the last century what remained of what was once a substantial estate fell into decline, the house standing empty for periods until it was stripped of disposable assets and unroofed in the late 1950s. Its shell now stands in the midst of fields, as does the complex of which this doorcase forms a part.

4 comments on “No Admission

  1. Sine nomine says:

    In the words of the prophet Isaiah: “Surely the great houses will become desolate,
    the fine mansions left without occupants”. (Isaiah Ch5, v9)

  2. papershots says:

    I’ve always loved blocked door-cases like this one here, where you can actually peep through and see what’s behind it… i wonder what the person who blocked it thought while doing it. it’s always the end of something

  3. Gerard Molyneux A.P.C. says:

    Catherine Fetherston of Grangemore Co. Westmeath married Rear Admiral Samuel Graves 1741-1802 from Castledawson. Their marriage settlement (PRONI ref T877/178) dated 24th September 1791, mentions lands in Co.Sligo.
    Later they lived in Bath and are buried at Widecombe and their two surving children married into the Molyneux family of Castledillon and the Lowry family of Pomeroy.

  4. Gerard Molyneux A.P.C. says:

    There is some more information and many good photographs of this house to be found on this link

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