Very Plain, Too Bald

The limestone portico of Loughcrew, County Meath re-erected, at least in part. This singularly unlucky house was thrice burnt within a century and twice re-constructed. But after the third fire the building was demolished and Greek Ionic portico lay in pieces on the surrounding ground until partially reassembled a few years ago. Loughcrew was a neo-classical house designed by Charles Robert Cockerell in the early 1820s for the Naper family. It was always an exceptionally severe looking building, and as has been noted, recalled a courthouse rather than a residence. Even its architect judged the finished work ‘very plain, too bald’, whereas what remains of the portico is wonderfully evocative and might almost serve as a symbol for all the other ruined country houses in Ireland.

3 comments on “Very Plain, Too Bald

  1. James Babington-Stitt says:

    Agreed. It is the most wonderfully romantic follyesque ruin I know of. Very apt symbol for irish (once) great houses.

  2. Geraldine Boyle/Webb says:

    It was said: Three times will Loughcrew burn and three times it did.

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