After Monday’s post explaining the history of Thomastown Castle, County Tipperary, these pictures might be of interest since they show the gate tower that formerly gave access to the main house. It dates from around 1812 and was likewise designed by Richard Morrison: note the Mathew family coat of arms prominently displayed over the gateway. Aside from this detail, the building is almost identical to a similar gate tower at the entrance to the demesne of Borris House, County Carlow. This was also designed by Morrison and at the same date: one wonders if the estates’ respective owners ever noticed or remarked on the duplication?

6 comments on “Copycats

  1. Bob F says:

    Thanks Robert. What a lovely stepped design – it and the buttresses give a balanced three-dimensional aspect. Nitpick – despite what the tourist shops say there is no such thing as a ‘family’ coat of arms. The arms probably belong to the Thomas Matthew who built the entrance. The crest is a heathcock (partridge). A coat of arms belongs to an individual to whom the arms were granted or confirmed in the past. On his death they pass to an heir in the legitimate male line. Younger sons may have similar but not the same arms.

  2. Wonderful design, the coat of arms really sets it off.

  3. Aidan O Boyle says:

    If I am not mistaken Morrison also used this design at Glenarm Castle, Co Antrim.

  4. Jill Shepherd says:

    We are planning a trip there in a few months and I know people say it’s legal to go across anyone’s field but I also heard there’s bull out there somewhere. Can you recommend the best path there (where to start). I can’t be knocking on doors really early in the morning and hate to take the chance of not seeing a farmer I can ask so was hoping to get some advise! Thanks!!

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